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Platter Options

(Serves 8-10 people) $70
(Serves 18-20 people) $120

1. Hadley’s Dill Chicken: Marinated Fresh Dipped Tenders fried to golden perfection. Mild/Nashville Hot. Served with choice of 2 house made sauces.

2. Wings and Things: Buffalo, Chipotle BBQ, Cool Ranch, Jerked, Smoked. Napkins strongly recommended. Comes with sides of celery and carrots.

3. That’s a Wrap Platter: Nash-Vegas, Down Home, Southerner, Farmer’s Market. Pick 2 for small platter. Sample all 4 with large.

4. The Biscuit Bar: Assortment of Chicken, Ham, Egg and Cheese, Pulled Pork. Choice of 2 with small platters. Large platters are full selection.

5. The “Garden” Platter: Selection of fresh garden veggies made from our unique blend of local and regional (seasonal) vegetables. Served with our house made dipping sauces.

6. Breads and Spreads: Hummus, Baba ganoush, Bruschetta. Served with artisan breads, crostini and pita.

(Serves 8-10 people) $90
(Serves 18-20 people) $160

1. Cluck Sampler: Buttermilk Dill Tenders, Buffalo Wings, Nashville Hot Chicks, Sweet(tea) Legs.

2. Gourmet Sandwich Bar: Tennessee Club, The Croissant, Twisted Reuben, Farmer’s Market.

3. BYO Hot Chicken and Waffle Bar: Served with B&B Pickles and Spicy Honey Syrup.

4. Seaside Platter: Choose from- Chipotle BBQ Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail, Garlic Butter Skewers, Jerked Shrimp. Each comes with a House made sauce...

5. Uptown Biscuit Bar: Choice of (2) Nashville Hot Chicken, Sweet Potato and Shaved Pork (sage butter), Pub Style Pimento Cheese, Braised Short Rib.

6. Domestic and Imported Cheese Platter: Elegantly garnished with fresh fruit, crackers, artisan breads and preserves.

7. Charcuterie Platter: Selection of cured and smoked meats, marinated olives and cheese, preserves, breads and roasted peppers.

Dessert Platters:

1. Chocolate covered Strawberries $25/$45
2. Christie Cookie Platter $18/$35
3. Hadley’s Brownies $24/$45
4. Signature Bread Puddings $24/$45